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Transitional Scholars Program

The Transitional Scholars Program at MassBay is a student centered program designed for transition age students with a documented intellectual disability. This program serves students typically between 18-22 years old, currently enrolled in their high school transition programs or transitioning from high school to post-secondary education. The Transitional Scholars Program is designed for students who are interested in taking one (1) college course per semester and accessing the program’s services for a maximum of three (3) years. Given the individualized nature of this program, all decisions are at the discretion of the program coordinator and his/her designee.

The Transitional Scholars Program serves students who…

  • have a documented intellectual disability
  • have academic and career interests aligned with course offerings
  • are highly motivated and have the drive to succeed in the college setting
  • can benefit from the supports offered at MassBay
  • have clearly identified employment goals
  • have a strong desire to be independent
  • can benefit from the social engagement on the college campus
  • must be able to abide by MassBay’s Student Code of Conduct
  • are responsible for independent decision making including direct communication between the student and the College. Confidentiality Policy

    Transitional Scholars Application

    Transitional Scholars Information (Word document will download when you click this link)

    Transitional Scholars Information (.pdf) version