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Student Engagement

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Participation in student activities is an excellent way to maximize your MassBay education. There are groups and activities dedicated to many areas of specialization, providing opportunities to interact with and learn from students with similar interests and backgrounds.  

Many of our activities also will afford you an opportunity to learn and fine tune skills you will need for a future career or for continuing your education.

We offer a wide variety of opportunities and services and encourage you to take advantage of all the ways to get involved in student life and make your experience at MassBay fun and exciting.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Engagement Office is to enhance the student experience by developing and empowering students, creating opportunities for meaningful interpersonal relationships, supporting student organizations, and providing fun, engaging programs for the diverse campus community. Student Engagement is committed to creating an environment that supports Student Success, Academic Excellence, Diversity and Inclusivity, and Community Engagement.



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YOUR First 8 Weeks

Welcome to or Welcome Back to MassBay! 

We know that your first semester can be overwhelming. Your attention is pulled in a lot of directions; most of you are working, going to school, and have family responsibilities. Getting back into school can be a challenging transition- whether it’s been 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years since your last class.
To help you stay focused and get connected, we’ve put together a guide to help you focus on what is important throughout the first half of the semester to set you up for success now and into the future. See below to find a week-by-week guide to your first 8 weeks!

WEEK ONE: My MassBay

Welcome to MassBay!! Your first week is all about getting comfortable here at MassBay. Check out the Welcome Tables in the Wellesley Cafeteria and Framingham Enrollment Center to grab a cup of coffee, get a student planner, and learn about MassBay Resources and upcoming events!


This week you should focus on:
  • Finalize your schedule!
    • You have the first few days of class to make sure you are enrolled in the classes you want, you can add or drop courses to better fit your schedule and learning style. Make sure you talk to an advisor in the Add/Drop Center and check your financial aid award letter before making changes to your schedule.
  • Get Organized!
    • Start keeping a schedule and planner now. Whether it’s a paper calendar or you prefer apps, make sure you have a system to keep track of your classes, activities, work schedule and major due dates. Trust us- the sooner you start developing a system that works for you, the better!
  • Take a Deep Breath
    • We know it’s overwhelming, and you aren’t the only one feeling that way! Take a chance and introduce yourself to your classmates, check out programs and activities that are available to you and start to think about what resources you could use to be successful
  • Follow MassBay on Social Media to see what’s happening around campus:
    • Facebook: @MassBayCommunityCollege
    • Instagram: MassBayView
    • Twitter: @MassBayCommCol

WEEK TWO: My Experience Week

Get Connected! Now that you have finalized your schedule it’s time to start creating connections and building your place here at MassBay. Start developing connections to your peers, staff and faculty all of whom can support you and your learning.



This week you should focus on:
  • Familiarize yourself with your Syllabus
    • Make sure you read over and understand what your professors expect out of you for your classes, and look over major deadlines.
  • Create connections with your faculty members
    • Introduce yourself after class, ask questions, and be engaged during class.
    • Faculty often know about resources around campus and can serve as future references.
  • Attend Events
    • Attend the Academic Achievement Center’s Open House on the Framingham and Wellesley campuses to learn about the wide array of academic supports available to you!
    • Attend the Student Employment Fair to learn about on and off campus job opportunities you could apply for.
  • Connect to your Academy
    • Our Academies are the seven broad areas of study at MassBay.  All of our degree and certificate programs are grouped into these seven Academies to create better connections between students and their peers and professors. Think of your Academy as a community of professors and students who share similar interests and goals.
    • Find out when your Academy is doing its welcome and stop by to meet your classmates, faculty and learn more!

WEEK THREE: My Involvement Week

Get Involved! Your experience here at MassBay will often be defined by the people you meet and the interactions you have, so decide who you want to be here and who you want to be with. Involvement in different programs and clubs on campus leads to greater opportunities and experiences that support you and your goals.

Week three events


This week you should focus on:
  • Get involved in Clubs and Organizations:
    • Clubs and organizations provide opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom. Develop new connections and skills and have fun!
    • Check out our Student Government Association (SGA) and the ways you can be involved in making MassBay the campus you want.
  • Learn about other opportunities to get involved:
    • From our Leadership Development Program to Mentor Programs and much more. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved!
  • Attend the Involvement Fairs
    • Learn about all of the opportunities available to you in one easy place!
  • Participate in Spirit Day
    • Wear your MassBay Swag and show-off your MassBay Pride
    • Take photos of you and your friends
      • Make sure to tag MassBay (IG: massbayview)
      • Don’t forget #StartHereGoAnywhere #mymassbay
  • Connect to your Academy
    • Our Academies are the seven broad areas of study at MassBay. All of our degree and certificate programs are grouped into these seven Academies to create better connections between students and their peers and professors. Think of your Academy as a community of professors and students who share similar interests and goals.
    • Find out when your Academy is doing its welcome and stop by to meet your classmates, faculty and learn more!
  • Stay Focused on your Academics
    • Utilize tutoring and other academic resources in the AAC
    • Know your due dates and assignments
    • Attend. Every. Class.
      • Attendance is usually factored into your grade
      • Students who show up are more successful
      • Have to miss one? Communicate with your professor ahead of time!

WEEK FOUR: My Wellness Week

Self-Care is more than a trend! Students lead incredibly busy and stressful lives and it’s important for you to prioritize your emotional, mental and physical health so you can stay focused in school. 


This week you should focus on: 

Mental/Emotional Health 

  • College is hard. Life is hard. Make sure you aren’t making it harder by ignoring your own mental health. Take breaks, go outside, ask for help and talk to someone when you need.
  • Connect with our Counseling Services (Confidential, free, and here to help you succeed )
  • Attend the Suicide Prevention 101 Workshop on Wednesday from 1-2pm in the Wellesley Alumni Board Room.
  • Participate in Mindful MassBay- every Monday at 1:00pm (Board Rm) and Thursday at 3:30pm (Library Conference Rm. B) Counseling Services creates space for students and staff to practice mindfulness, distress and take a break. Check out a session. 

Physical Health 

  • Staying physically active is important to leading a balanced life!
  • Student can use the Recreation and Wellness Center for free, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm during the semester
  • Attend the Wellness Workshop “This Job is Killing Me” for tips on balancing your physical health with work and school on Thursday from 1-2pm in Framingham Room 205/206.
  • Join the MassBay Step Challenge, visit for more information.
  • Attend the Open Rec Hours this Wednesday 11am-2pm. One of the MassBay Athletic Coaches will be there to walk you through using the equipment we have on campus to get in a great work-out after class

Learn about our Food Resources 

  • We know it’s hard to focus in class when you are hungry so MassBay staff, faculty and students have worked to create a wide variety of food resources for our students
  • Check out what is available to you at

WEEK FIVE: My Success Week

What Does Success Mean to You? 
This week we are focused on helping you achieve your goals both here at MassBay and into the future. Being a “successful” student means you are staying on top of your readings and assignments, actively participating in class, studying for exams, and learning as much as you can while in school. However, it also means you are asking questions, admitting when you do not know the answer, taking chances, utilizing campus resources and planning for the future. 


The week you should be focused on: 

Academic Success

  • Challenge Yourself in Classes 
    • Answer a question even when you are not confident in your answer
    • Ask questions in class
  • Reach out to your professor if you are struggling in a class
  • Look into Academic Resources 
    • Utilize peer and professional tutoring services in the AAC 
    • Taking a math class? Check out the Math Center, Wellesley Room 135 for the help in your courses 
    • Look into the Strong Foundations Series that is being presented by the AAC and Coaching Commons-each workshop focuses on a different topic of student success!  

Planning for the Future: 

  • If you are interested in transferring to a 4-year institution in the future, start planning now! 
    • Attend the Transfer Fair on Wednesday, Oct. 2nd 10:00-12:00pm. You can meet with representatives from possible transfer institutions to learn about requirements and procedures
  • Academic Planning 
    • All students, but particularly all new and first-year students should be meeting with your Advisor to discuss your academic goals and create your academic plan for MassBay. Reach out to your advisor about setting up a meeting before registration opens! 
  • Connect to Career Services 
    • Career Services can offer a wide variety of services from career exploration and resume writing, to interviewing skills, internships and much more!
    • This week, check out their Humanities and Social Sciences Academy Career Week Events 
      • Career Exploration Workshop Tuesday, Oct. 1st 11:00am-12:00pm, Wellesley Atrium
      • Build Your Brand: Resume/LinkedIn Drop-In Hours 12:00pm to 2:00pm, Wellesley Career Services Center, Room 132 

Personal Success 

  • Manage your time
    • Find a scheduling technique that works for you! Whether it’s a planner, calendar, or app find a system that maintains all of your academic, work, and social commitments in one place so you aren’t missing anything or double-booking yourself
  • Be Accountable
    • If you make a commitment, follow-through and be responsible for it 
    • Whether it’s a group project, an appointment with a faculty or staff member or a date, people will remember if you are someone who can be counted on and trusted 
  • Take care of yourself
    • Make sure you are balancing your work/school and personal responsibilities 
    • Make time to see friends and family and take breaks
  • Get involved in a club or organization! Go to the Clubs and Organizations page to learn more about how to get involved 

WEEK SIX: My Identity Week

Who are you and how do you define yourself? 
For many students, the college experience – courses, coursework, new environments, and exposure to faculty, staff, and your fellow students - is an opportunity to explore and question various pieces of your personal identity and how you exist in this world. We encourage you to dive into those explorations, and think about what parts of your identity matter most to you. 
College is a time to be exposed to new ideas and cultures both in the classroom and from your peers. Your understanding of yourself, and the pieces of your identity that are most important to you will continually change throughout your life as you experience new things. We hope you take advantage of different opportunities to explore your place in this world not just this week but throughout your time at MassBay, and throughout your life. This week there will be multiple workshops and events dedicated to exploring and discussing various aspects of our students’ identities. Whether you hold those pieces of identity personally or not, each workshop is a chance to learn about yourself and the world you live in. 




Attend events and expose yourself to new ideas: 

  • Race Card Project: 
    • Come join the Young Men and Women of Color Coach, Joselina Fontes and Assistant Professor of Psychology Brian Jones as they lead students in a conversation about how the Race Card Project is shifting people’s mindset about races and gives the opportunity to explore their individual experiences, questions, hopes dreams, laments or observations about race and identity. Monday, October 7th from 12pm-2pm in the Library Atrium. 
  • Accessibility and Race: 
    • Join Disability Resources in the 2nd of a 4-part series of workshops being hosted throughout October each aimed at building knowledge, reducing misconceptions, and increasing understanding issues of disability that impact MassBay faculty, staff, students and beyond. Tuesday, October 8th from 1pm-2pm in the Alumni Boardroom join in the conversation around “Accessibility and Race” to share your unique experiences and learn from others.
      • Interested in continuing the conversation? Mark your calendars for parts 3 and 4:
        • October 24th 11am-1pm Wellesley Auditorium “Autism goes to College” A 2019 film with panel discussion.
        • October 29th 12pm-1pm “Accessibility and Student Veterans” 

Gender Expression Workshop:

  • Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increased national discussion and understanding of the complexities of gender and gender expression. Our Wellness Coordinator ShaQuan Read and our Assistant Director of Academic and Transfer Advising Rhian Waterberg on Tuesday, October 8th from 11am-12pm in the Library Atrium to learn more. 

Healthy Relationship Series Workshop 

  • Attend this weekly Drop-In Series around developing healthy relationships and communication. Each week focuses on a different topic and explores a different aspect of being in relationships (friendships, professional and family relationships, and romantic relationships). Whether you attend every week, or just once, all are welcome! This week join in on a “Communication: What’s My Style” Wednesday, October 9th 1:00pm-2:00pm, Library Conference Room B. 
    • Interested in exploring other aspects of Healthy Relationships? Mark your calendars with the remaining workshops below:
      • College Communication Skills on Wednesday, October 16th 1:00-2:00pm, Library Conference Rm. B 
      • Internet and Social Media on Wednesday, October 23rd 1:00-2:00pm, Library Conference Rm. B 
      • What’s a Healthy Relationship on Wednesday, October 30th 1:00-2:00pm, Library Conference Rm. B 
      • Being in a Relationship on Wednesday, November 6th 1:00-2:00pm, Library Conference Rm. B 
      • Consent on Wednesday, November 13th 1:00-2:00pm, Library Conference Rm. B 
      • Decisions about Sex on Wednesday, November 20th 1:00-2:00pm, Library Conference Rm. B 

International Lunch Hour 

  • For several years, the International Club has hosted a monthly International Lunch Hour on Friday afternoon to highlight our International students and learn more about the countries and cultures they grew up with. Join the International Club on Friday, October 11th from 12:00pm to 1:00pm to hear from one student about her experiences growing up in Mexico. 
    • Interested in the other lunch hours? Mark your calendars with the remaining International Lunch Hours for the year below: 
      • Nigeria: Friday, November 1 12:00-1:00pm, Alumni Board Room 
      • Ukraine: Friday, December 6 12:00-1:00pm, Alumni Board Room
      • China: Friday, February 14 12:00-1:00pm, Alumni Board Room
      • Lebanon: Friday, March 6 12:00-1:00pm, Ashland Campus
      • Brazil: Friday, April 3 12:00-1:00pm, Atrium
      • Chile: Friday, May 1 12:00-1:00pm, Atrium

Continue your own explorations 

  • Look for groups and organizations that will allow you to continue exploring new pieces of your identity.

Prepare for Midterms 

  • One piece of identity you currently hold is Student. 
    • Make sure you are preparing for midterms next week by catching up on any missing assignments or readings. 
    • Create a schedule for the next week that incorporates extra time for studying and taking breaks! 

WEEK SEVEN: My Midterms Week

Good Luck on Midterms!

Congratulations, you are coming up on the halfway point of the semester. Hopefully you are enjoying all of your courses and completing all of your coursework with confidence. However, if you are struggling in a class, falling behind on assignments or readings, or just aren’t understanding the material, reach out for help NOW while you still have time to get back on track. We are confident that You. Can. Do. This. with the right support and resources. 





Utilize tutoring and other academic resources in the Academic Achievement Center (AAC) 

  • Utilize peer and professional tutoring services in the AAC 
  • Taking a math class? Check out the Math Center, Wellesley Room 135 for help in your courses.

Take Breaks and Take Care of Yourself: 

  • As you are studying and working on turning in major assignments, make sure you are still focusing on your personal health and taking care of yourself. Walking around like a zombie with 3 energy drinks isn’t healthy. Take breaks to still see friends, re-watch your favorite episode of The Office, or spend time on your favorite hobby. 

Look for the Student Engagement Midterm Study Break Travelling Coffee & Snack Cart:

  • Tuesday, Oct.15     Framingham Campus    10am-12pm
  • Wednesday, Oct. 16     Wellesley Campus    8:30-10:30am
  • Thursday, Oct. 17    Wellesley Campus    9-11am
  • Thursday, Oct. 17    Wellesley Campus    4:45-6pm
  • Monday, Oct. 21        Framingham Campus    4:45-6pm


  • Pulling all-nighters and missing sleep in order to cram for exams won’t leave you with the mental capacity you need to take exams or write papers and lab reports. Make sure you are prioritizing and getting enough sleep so you can be at your best! 

Stay Organized 

  • Double check all dates and times for mid-term exams and major due dates on assignments! Then, create a schedule (a realistic one!) that gives you time to study for exams, work on assignments, take breaks, eat complete meals, and sleep.

Attend a Mindful MassBay 

  • Counseling Services hosts mindfulness sessions twice a week to create space for students and staff to practice mindfulness, de-stress, and take a break. Check out a session on either the Wellesley or Framingham campus! 
  • Mindful MassBay
    • Thursday, October 17th 3:30-4:30pm, Wellesley Library Conference Rm. B
    • Monday, October 21st 1:00-2:00pm, Wellesley Library Conference Rm. B 
  • Weekly Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Group 
    • Wednesday, October 16th 12:00-1:00pm, Framingham Room 205 

Stretch Out the Stress with Silent Yoga 

  • Join a yoga session with a twist!
    • Thursday, October 17th 1:00-2:00pm Wellesley RWC 

Join SGA for a study session

  • Whether studying alone or with friends, stop by to get some work done and grab a bite to eat! Pizza and snacks will be provided. 
    • Wednesday, October 16th 3-5pm, Wellesley Library Atrium

Helpful Hint: Were you running out of time to study or complete assignments? Were you still searching for your most productive working space? After you take a break, think about how you can better prepare for finals. Can you request off a day or two of work before finals for extra study time? Ask now and not at the last minute!  Ask around your classes to see if you can create study groups for the rest of the semester. 

WEEK EIGHT: My Future Week

What’s Next?
As you are hitting the half-way point of the semester, we hope you are starting to plan for what comes next. It might feel too early (you are only 8 weeks in), but the more proactive you are, the more you can create opportunities and experiences to help you achieve your future goals. Thinking about transferring? Start exploring your options now! Want to move up in your career? Make sure you are connecting with Career Services to explore your options, and update your résumé. No matter what or where your goals are, this is a good week for self-reflection!


Keep Developing Strong Study Skills & Habits

  • Attend The Strong Foundation Series: Understanding Your Procrastination workshop
    • Join Professor Jeanie Tietjen to discuss why you may procrastinate and learn strategies for the future on Monday, October 21st from 1-2pm in the Coaching Commons (W 111)
    • Don’t miss out on any of the remaining Strong Foundation Series Workshops, Mondays 1-2pm in the Coaching Commons ( W 111):
      • Nov 4: Managing Your Time Well 
      • Nov 18: Finding the Right Career for You
      • Dec 9: Overcoming Math Anxiety
    • Continue utilizing the resources in the AAC, Math Center and other resources on campus 
    • If you found study groups over midterms, keep them going! Plus, check out the Food for Thought Program in the AAC which can provide food for student study groups. Contact Leanne Lowell, for more information. 

Be proactive about transferring

  • Start exploring schools you may want to transfer to, learn about the prerequisites, and start working on your transfer essays and applications! 
  • In honor of National Transfer Week, Academic and Transfer Advising is hosting a lot of college visits next week:
    • Framingham State University: Monday | 10am-2pm | W Café
    • Fitchburg State University: Tuesday | 10am-1pm | W Café
    • UMass Boston: Tuesday | 10am-1pm | F Café
    • BC Woods College: Wednesday | 9am-1pm | W Café
    • VanLoan School at Endicott: Wednesday | 10am-1pm | W Café
    • Becker College: Wednesday | 11am-2pm | W Café
    • Merrimack College: Thursday | 10am-1pm | W Café
    • UMass Boston: Thursday | 10am-1pm | W Café
    • Northeastern University: Friday | 9am-1pm | W Café
  • Explore transfer options like Mass Transfer Pathways and the  Commonwealth Commitment to keep all of your options open!
  • Keep building your transfer résumé! Be engaged and involved on campus, and take advantage of resources and opportunities available to you! 
  • Meet with a Transfer Advisor in the Academic and Transfer Advising Center to talk about your transfer options and goals. 

Career Exploration 

  • Not sure what you want to do next? Career Services can offer a wide variety of services from career exploration and resume writing, to interviewing skills, internships, and much more!  This week, check out their Business Academy Career Week Events:
    • Career Exploration Workshop: Tuesday, Oct. 22 11:00am-12:00pm, Wellesley Auditorium 
    • Build Your Brand: Résumé/LinkedIn Drop-In Hours: Wednesday Oct. 23 12:00pm to 2:00pm, Wellesley Career Services Center, Room 132 
    • Career Panel: Learn from and connect with professionals who have built business careers: Thursday, October 24 12:30-2pm, Wellesley Atrium

Start up your Advising Appointment 

  • Meet with your advisor to create your academic plan and make sure you are taking the classes you need to reach your goals! 
  • If you have considered changing your major, talk with your advisor about how that might change your graduation timeline 
  • Registration for next semester opens soon: (November 4th).  In preparation you should:
    • Review your course curriculum and remaining graduation requirements 
    • Think about what courses you want to take

Start YOUR Involvement TODAY!


1 Join a Club

2 Volunteer

3 Get involved with Student Government Association

4 Participate in the LEAD Program

5 Start your own club 

6 Play a sport


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